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Born a Virgo on the Cusp of Libra: I am a recovering perfectionist on an eternal quest for balance.

I dropped out of high school in grade eleven. My son was ten when I returned to school. I went on to earn an honours degree from Acadia University and a Masters Degree from Carleton University.

I have habitually looked outside the box. I've honed my research and problem solving skills, first as an Airframe Technition in the Canadian Forces and later, as an Object Oriented Software Architect, presenting papers at international conferences such as OOPSLA and Java One.

I am a Canadian Veteran, entrepreneur, wife, mother and grandmother.

I use my research skills to find solutions to health issues including my own: chronic depression, obesity, inflammatory breast disease, chronic stress and burn out. 25 years ago I used the same skills to find a holistic non-pharmaceutical solution to our son's Attention Deficit Disorder.

I have gone on to receive certifications in RAW Food Nutrition Coaching, Emotional Detox, Whole Food Plant-based Chef, Life Coaching, and much more. I am also certified as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner and am a Reiki Master/Teacher in Usui and Celtic Reiki.

In 2015, I took a leap of faith and founded RAW 'N Green Wellness Coaching as a way to bring what I have learned to others.

RAW 'N Green Wellness Coaching ... Helping you turn over a new leaf through optimal nutrition, healthy habits and a positive state of mind.

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I am working on my non-fiction book called "Green Keto," which elaborates on my Optimal Nutrition program. Green Keto bio hacks macro nutrients and hormones to safely enter a state of nutritional ketosis, resulting in a regulation of hormones such as insulin. Green Keto, in conjunction with time Restricted Eating, results the life enhancing aspects of Autophagy and Human Growth Hormone, which ultimately leads us to a simple, effective way to manage our weight and health.


I have self-published two books (The Yeasty Beasty series) and am a co-author on the Amazon International Best Seller "365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything."

You can find my books at Amazon.com

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List of Publications

  1. "Six Easy Ways to Prevent Candidiasis" published on HoneyColony.com.
  2. '365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything'
    365 Life Shifts
  3. 'Guide to Conquering Your Yeasty Beasties: Overcoming Candidiasis'
    Guide to Conquering Your Yeasty Beasties
  4. 'Recipes for Conquering Your Yeasty Beasties: Yummy Candida Fighting Recipes'
    Recipes for Conquering Your Yeasty Beasties
  5. 'A Season of Verse'
    Seasons of Verse Seasons of Verse